Welcome to the homepage of the Republic of Alvakia.

The People's Republic of Alvakia

Background: Alvakia was created in cyberspace on 24 January 2005, during the Great LiveJournal Outage of 2005. On 24 April 2005 it was the founding country of the Union of R0x0r5, and was joined in the Union by Kimbyvania and Jonastan. All countries in the Union share joint citizenship. Alvakia briefly existed on NationStates during the summer of 2005.

Country Name: The People's Republic of Alvakia

Government Type: Benevolent Dictatorship

Location: arachno_allie's iMac hard drive, in cyberspace on the LiveJournal servers, and on the Nintendo DS in the world of Animal Crossing.

Border Countries: Kimbyvania, Jonastan

Climate: Often witty, sarcastic, pensive and/or cute.

Natural Resources: Sarcasm, humor, politics.

Natural Hazards: Bitchiness, self-pity, bad music.

Population: 1.

Languages: Official: English, 1337, Snoopizzle; unofficial: Spanish, German, Latin, Pig Latin, Swedish Chef, Meeper, British.

Religions: Taoism, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism.

Members of the Cabinet: Supreme Benevolent Dictator: Allie; Minister of Entertainment: Kimby; Minister of All Things Cute and Redheaded: Jill; Minister of Artistic Endeavors: Jonas.

Radio Broadcast Stations: Radio Alvakia.

Related Information:
Honorable Omnipotent Czar: Kimby
Minister of Music: Allie
Minister of...DANCE!!!!: Jonas
Official Language(s): English, I_337, Pig Latin, Swedish Chef, Meeper

Merciful Magnanimous Master: Jonas
Minister of Common Damn Sense: Kimby
Minister of Creepy Crawlies: Allie
Official Language(s): English, British, Lithuanian
Official Drink: Funky Cold Medina
References: [1], [2], [3], [4].
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